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The Wing Factory's Original Sauces "
The taste will drive you back.."
LEMON PEPPER - Citrus flavor that will tingle your taste buds

SEASONED - Hold the Sauce, just season the meat

HONEY GOLD - A tangy, sweet golden treat

BBQ - It just wouldn't be the south without this one

GARLIC PARMESAN  (wet) - Garlic and Parmesan, the  perfect combo

ORANGE MOUND SAUCE - Sweet Citrus with an orange flavor only found in the mound.

MILD - "Awe", you are a tease

HONEY HOT - Sweet meat with a little heat

ORIGINAL HOT  - A "dang good" crowd pleaser

GARLIC HOT - If you are NOT on a date this one is great

HWY 64 - A unique sweet and spicy twist with zesty flavor

911 - Call the Fire department. you're gonna need 'em
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